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The dedication of a planner, the heart of a friend

Tennessee Wedding Planner

You’ve been dreaming of this time your entire life - you’re FINALLY engaged! There’s so much to get excited about...but so much to do, and between work, friends and actually spending time with your new fiancee, you’re starting to wonder how you’re going to handle it all.

You need someone to help you make sure you won’t forget anything, to help you create a wedding that truly reflects you and your soon-to-be husband, and someone who can just encourage and be there for you...and that’s what I’m here for!

As your wedding planner, I’ll be there for you when the stress hits to reassure you that everything is going to be okay, because we have a plan. I’ll be there to show you that no detail has been left behind, because I’ll be working behind the scenes while you enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime moment of being engaged. And on your wedding day, I’ll be there to hand you a drink and send you onto the dance floor with a smile, because my team is taking care of every question and every vendor - so you can fully enjoy your one day as a bride, and you can breathe knowing that everything is taken care of.


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

Vincent van Gogh


Where It All Started

ML Celebrating Forever has specialized in event planning since 2016. We work hard for each of my clients, helping them plan and host their upcoming event free of stress and with confidence. Whether planning a magnificent Wedding or an intimate elopement, we are here to help you plan your day.


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