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First Looks........ Before "I Do" or Down the Aisle?

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Definition: the first time the bride and groom see each other on their wedding day

Before "I DO" : Typically, the groom will have his back faced away from where the bride will be walking in from. The bride will tap her groom's shoulder and he will see his bride for the first time. It is just the two of them sharing the sweet intimate moment before they stand in front of friends and family. A first look can calm any last minute nerves. Having a first look can also be a major timeline advantage because you can do most of your pictures beforehand.

Down the Aisle: Seeing your soon-to-be husband or wife for the first time at the ceremony is a special moment for your guests to experience with you. From the moment you woke up that morning, you have anticipated this very moment. You are seeing the one who you will spend the rest of your life with.


What Couples are Saying about First Looks after their wedding

Before "I DO"

August Bride

Cove Lake State Park
" I wanted to do a first look because it seemed so intimate to me... That was something special I had wanted to do since I was younger. It was such a sweet moment. We weren’t focused on a room full of people or nervous waiting for me to get down the aisle. It was just me, him, and of course our photographer. I wouldn’t change it for the world.. the photos are priceless just like the experience. "

Photography By : Sullivan Photography

October Groom & Bride

"We did it because it was special to us because of the intimacy of knowing that you're going to spend the rest of your life with that person. After the first look when you go back to the guys and girls, it just makes your wedding day more adventurous because you saw that person and that’s all you can think about while getting ready. The wedding day will go by super fast and that’s one thing you will definitely remember and a great time for pictures to capture that moment."

Photography By : Ryan Read Photography


Down the Aisle

May Bride

"We decided to not do a first look because we just felt like it would be more special to see each other for the first time that day when I’m walking down the aisle. I loved the anticipation of seeing him at the end of the aisle after spending the day getting ready."

Photography By: Kennedy Photo

September Groom & Bride

Groom : "It allowed the first look of my wife to be that deep emotional connection. Takes me back to all the memories and things we both have overcome. That feeling inside you of watching your wife walking towards you to spend the rest of her life with you is just speechless."
Bride: " We wanted that special moment to be in front of all of our loved ones - they were so important in our walk with one another. The excitement throughout the day and the anticipation made that moment of laying our eyes on each other for the first time a moment I will never forget."

Photography By: Tara Hodges Photography

January Bride

"We really wanted the first time seeing each other to be with our friends and family."

Photography By : Ryan Read Photography


First Touch

March Bride

Pleasant Hill Vineyards
"We really wanted to experience the grandness of me walking down the aisle as our lives were changing forever. It was amazing how even in a room stuffed with people I only saw him and I don’t think I would have felt that way if I had already seen him that day. We still wanted to share our notes with each other before the ceremony knowing we wouldn’t be able to talk right as we were getting married so the first touch worked for us. "

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