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  • Maura Lamb

4 Stages to Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Waterstone Venue
Waterstone Venue

Photography By: Tara Hodges Photography

Stage 1 Pre-Planning: Before you start the process , set your venue budget and finalize your guest count number.

Cove Lake State Park
Cove Lake State Park

Photography by: Sullivan Photography

1. Select the city/state/country
2. Decide if you want inside or outside, or a combination of both
3. Determine if you want all inclusive (ie. tables, chairs, linens, decor, catering etc) or Do It Yourself
4. Choose the venue type (ballroom, barn, garden, country club, state/national park, etc)
5. Chat with a planner (planners are familiar with different locations, layouts, and can make your vision come to life in the space)

Stage 2 Researching: Look for venues.

1. Search online, and pick your top 3 favorites
2. Schedule tours. If you are unable to travel, inquire if a virtual tour is offered.

Stage 3 Touring: Determine if it's the right fit.

1. Tour venues. Be sure to ask about the following topics:
  • dates available

  • booking process

  • pricing

  • rental hours

  • guest capacity

  • rental/decor inventory Photography By: Kennedy Photo

Tellico Village Yacht Club
Tellico Village Yacht Club
  • decor policies

  • cancellation policy

  • weather contingency plan

  • liability insurance

  • preferred vendors

  • in-house or outside catering

  • alcohol policy

  • parking

  • restrooms

  • bridal/groom suite

  • example day of layout

Stage 4 Booking: Decide on the venue.

1. Determine which is your #1 venue
2. Book the venue.

Congratulations! The venue is all set. What's next? Now, you can start the rest of your planning.

Greystone Presbyterian Church
Greystone Presbyterian Church

Photography By: Katie P. Photography


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